16th Hole Improvements

The latter half of the 2018 season, the sixteenth hole was saturated to the point we had to restrict carts to the path for a majority of the last quarter of the year. 

Our staff installed perforated drain tile and pea gravel. Almost upon completion of the pipe, the area had drained and will allow carts to traverse this area in the future.

We also undertook the leveling of the back teeing ground, as most of this tee surface was unusable.

We cut and discarded the turf, then leveled the tee, seen below.

During the leveling process, the tee was lowered slightly, which has created a smoother transition from the path to the teeing ground, seen below. 


Native Rough Update & Happy Thanksgiving!

After three sequential applications of Round-Up, approximately 14 days apart, our staff completed the first phase of the native rough renovation. Above, Lead Assistant Superintendent, Charlie Lonergan seeded all 23 acres of native to hard fine fescue.

After seeding, we dragged the area to blend the seed into the ground and dead turf, followed by a heavy roll, pictured above and operated by Jesus Apointe. With help from Mother Nature, we should begin to see germination of the seed in late January. 

As part of the native rough renovation, we eliminated the Championship Teeing Ground on number 6 and used the turf to expand the middle and back tees near the Halfway House. The orange line above delineates the new teeing area.

Our staff added a sand/ soil mixture to the base and harvested sod from the Championship Tee. Below is the finished teeing ground. 

With the holiday upon, our staff wishes you and your families a happy Thanksgiving!

(left to right) 
Jesus, Christian, Evan, Alfredo, Gerry, Hector, Ray, Alberto, Charlie, Lencho and Miguel.

Fourth Hole Update

The brunt of the work on the golf hole took shape this past week with the tee surface laser-leveled and the process of removing the old bunker sand commenced.

BAck Bunker #4

Since we were not renovating the bunkers (re-shaping, installing drainage and erosion control), the process of removing the old sand is very labor intensive. Above, our staff shoveled all the sand to the center of the bunker for the purpose of not damaging the erosion matting on the bunker floor.

LEft Bunker #4

The sand is piled in the middle of the bunker and then removed. We have “staged” the old sand on the sixth hole to re-use in a few bunkers on the course.

Bunker #6New Sand

Sand was delivered at the end of the week and will be installed into the greenside bunkers this coming week.

Friday morning, our staff finalized preparations on and around the tee, followed by the installation of the bentgrass sod on the tee and tall fescue surrounds.

Morning Prep

Below, our team begins the intricate process of laying the bentgrass sod. If you click the picture, you will notice a yellow string line between the plywood and first row of sod to ensure we are laying the sod in a straight line.

Begin Sod

While the tee surface is sodded, the rough edge is laid at the rear of the tee. Again, if you click the picture, you will see the string line to delineate the left side of the teeing ground.

Laying Rough

The sodding of bentgrass is a complex operation. All work must be performed with the use of plywood. As the sod is laid, we can not have anyone walk upon the ground due to the tenderness of the sod. Below are team members (left to right): Foreman – Gaudencio Rodriguez, Assistant Trainee – Luis Martinez, Will Holland and William Alvarez.

Mid Day Sodding 2

Below, the before picture.

4 Tee Before B retouched 2

Below, renovation complete.

4 Tee After retouched

The tee surface was enlarge by only two feet on the left and right sides. However, with level ground, USABLE space has increased by two-thirds!

The old tee forced all play down the center as the left and right sides had up to 4.5% pitch in opposite angles, negating the possibility of setting tee markers in these locations.

Temp Tee

Until the tee is ready for use (late April), please refrain from stepping onto the newly sodded area. For the short-term, we will build a temporary tee using a Turf Hound practice mat near the location depicted above.