16th Hole Improvements

The latter half of the 2018 season, the sixteenth hole was saturated to the point we had to restrict carts to the path for a majority of the last quarter of the year. 

Our staff installed perforated drain tile and pea gravel. Almost upon completion of the pipe, the area had drained and will allow carts to traverse this area in the future.

We also undertook the leveling of the back teeing ground, as most of this tee surface was unusable.

We cut and discarded the turf, then leveled the tee, seen below.

During the leveling process, the tee was lowered slightly, which has created a smoother transition from the path to the teeing ground, seen below. 


Practice Tee: Drainage

On January 27th of this year, we attempted to cut drain lines in the Practice Tee. Although the top 3 inches was thawed, the machine could not slice through the next 8 inches. The contractors returned on March 18th and were able to complete the installation.




The three pictures above were taken in January. The pictures below are from March. We sliced the tee in two directions. Each slit is 3/4″ wide and almost 11″ deep.


The picture above represents the first direction we cut. For enhanced drainage, the second direction was done at an opposite angle. By clicking on the video below, you will view the inner workings of the Blec Sandmaster.

Greens Drainage

What a difference a week makes!  Snow on St. Patty’s Day, then temps approaching 60 for the coming weekend. 

March 18 seven AM

Beginning at 7 AM this past Tuesday, our staff began the process of removing snow to prep the greens for drainage installation. 

March 18 seven AM b

Click on the video below:


By 1 PM, the contractor was on site to begin work on #2 Green.

March 18 one PM

Drain lines have been cut into the green.  They will be back-filled with 2″ perforated pipe, sand and smoothed out.

Picture 097

Below, the sod has been replaced on 16 green.

Picture 098

#2 and 16 greens were completed on Wednesday and the contractor added more drainage on greens, 4, 6 and 11 Thursday.  It is the Green Committee’s intent to continue with this process each spring until all the push-up greens have internal drains.