Native Rough Update & Happy Thanksgiving!

After three sequential applications of Round-Up, approximately 14 days apart, our staff completed the first phase of the native rough renovation. Above, Lead Assistant Superintendent, Charlie Lonergan seeded all 23 acres of native to hard fine fescue.

After seeding, we dragged the area to blend the seed into the ground and dead turf, followed by a heavy roll, pictured above and operated by Jesus Apointe. With help from Mother Nature, we should begin to see germination of the seed in late January. 

As part of the native rough renovation, we eliminated the Championship Teeing Ground on number 6 and used the turf to expand the middle and back tees near the Halfway House. The orange line above delineates the new teeing area.

Our staff added a sand/ soil mixture to the base and harvested sod from the Championship Tee. Below is the finished teeing ground. 

With the holiday upon, our staff wishes you and your families a happy Thanksgiving!

(left to right) 
Jesus, Christian, Evan, Alfredo, Gerry, Hector, Ray, Alberto, Charlie, Lencho and Miguel.