Te Veo Pronto!

We once again are saying farewell to one of our valuable team members. Dave Ward joined the staff this past February for his internship as part of Rutgers University’s turfgrass management program. 

Dave brought a great sense of humor with him, as well as, a wealth of experience as an arborist. He flourished within our our team dynamic as he progressed through his first season in golf course maintenance. This past May, as part of our internship program, Dave volunteered on the grounds staff for the Senior PGA Championship. 

Dave has indicated he would like to come back the team in 2018, and even though he is a Dallas Cowboys fan, we hope he decides to start his management career with us next golf season.

Au Revoir!

This year our golf maintenance program was fortunate to have two students on staff. This past week, A.J. Josefoski headed back to Penn State for his final year in the Golf Course Turfgrass Management Program.

There were many beneficial aspects to his internship, but one opportunity A.J. had was volunteering on the grounds staff for the U.S. Women’s Open in July. This week, he and all the second year students at Penn State are volunteering for the Tour Championship at East Lake Golf Club.
A.J. was an incredible asset to our team and he is already missed! A.J. has indicated he would like to return to work for the Club upon graduation and we certainly hope he will make the choice to return to the Brandywine Valley.

We wish A.J. well and Godspeed! 

Native Rough: Phase 1

This afternoon we began mowing the native rough fields on the course. While this is the normal time of year we harvest the hay and begin our fall preparations for the next golf season, some areas of the native will be renovated.At the July Green Committee Meeting, plans were approved to renovate the upper-side of the golf course. This will consist of mowing the meadows, applying a non-selective herbicide (Round-Up) and then seeding with hard fine fescue. The outcome we can expect is that of the native rough on the left-side of the fifth hole, picture below. Our goal in regards to the native rough meadows is for the golfer to find their ball and advance it to the hole.

Holes to be renovated this fall will include:
Right of 3 tees and to the rear of 4 green
Left side of 3, 6 and 7
Small buffer on right of 7
Left and right of 12
Left of 13
Left and right of 14
Right of 15 between 5 tees