EZ Pins, A Division of EZ Locator

Over the last several weeks, the Grounds Department has been using a pilot program for hole locations on the greens. The intent of this software system is to use all available cupping areas to limit wear and tear of the putting surfaces.

With every new launch, there are some growing pains, in this case, you may have experienced some interesting hole locations. The system has been a learning curve for all involved and we are pleased to announce this system is available for use to the entire membership via the mobile app.


The are many benefits beyond the agronomic reasons in utilizing this software system. The Club will save money in regards to labor and resources for golf events and day to-day operations:

The Golf Shop

  1. Staff members need not to print numerous copies of hole location sheets and place them in carts prior to an event, saving labor and paper!

The Grounds Department

  1. Staff members have been more efficient on the course using this system. We are able to cut hole locations in a timely fashion re-allocating 2.5 man hours each day!
  2. Less wear and tear to the putting surfaces will decrease inputs such as fertilizer and chemical applications and have the ability to re-allocate the labor that is needed to apply these inputs!

Each day you can access the app on your smartphone and have the hole locations at your finger tips. To add the app to your phone, go to the App Store or Google Play and look for EZ LOCATOR.

Some of the area Clubs utilizing this system (EZ Pins) or the parent company system, EZ Locator, are Gulph Mills Golf Club, Whitemarsh Valley Country Club, Saucon Valley Country Club, Overbrook Golf Club, Llanerch Country Club, Aronimink Golf Club, St. Davids Golf Club and Philadelphia Cricket Club.

Sunscreen & Bug Spray


It is important to note, although it is beneficial for us to protect ourselves repeatedly from the sun and insects during the golf round, the chemicals found in these protection materials will damage turf, as seen in the picture below.


This picture is from the Chip Fairway. The arrows are pointing towards where one was standing and applying either sunscreen or bug spray.

Please apply these protectants to your body on a hard surface or away from the greens, tees and fairways.