Tournament Prep to Storm Clean Up

This afternoon’s storm did not produce much moisture at the golf course, but the intense winds caused significant damage to several trees. The damage was limited to the lower end of the golf course (holes 2, 9, 10 and 16) and also near the Clubhouse. Tables were picked up by the hurricane force winds, resulting in shattered glass on the terrace at the Farmhouse. Below is one of two crab apple trees near the Chipping Green.

IMG_1676 retouched

Below are large limbs from a chestnut tree located on the left hand side of the cart path as you travel to the second tee.

IMG_1682 retouched

Below is the remainder of the beech tree that sat behind the second tee.

IMG_1685 retouched

The picture below will help you define the location of the beech tree.


This is a pawlonia tree just as you cross Adams Dam Road from the 17th tees.

IMG_1695 retouched

Below is the main limb of the pawlonia depicted in the picture above.

IMG_1696 retouched

This is a tree located behind the 16th green that sustained severe damage.

IMG_1698 retouched

Below is the eighth green complex with damage to the chestnut trees that border the 9th tee.

IMG_1705 retouched

Below, the damage at the 9th tee.

IMG_1700 retouched