6 Fairway


There are a number of voids on the fairways, in particular, the sixth fairway pictured above. We have recently applied herbicides to combat clover and dandelions throughout the golf course. The herbicide has taken great effect on the undesirable plants. Our staff will now plug these areas with bentgrass harvested from our nursery located behind the Old 17th green complex.

On behalf of our Grounds Staff, we wish you and your families a wonderful and safe holiday weekend!


Wet Weather

Over the last two weeks, we have had our share of damp weather. The light rain has not prevented our staff from working each day. Although areas of the course prevented routine maintenance, the stalled weather pattern allowed for a small improvement project.

12 Stairs Before

With some left over timber from our winter rebuilding of course equipment, team members constructed a stairwell near the maintenance barn.


The stairwell will aid those walking the course from the eleventh green to twelve tee. Below is the finished product.

12 Stairs After

Cultural Practices: Thatch Management

By definition, thatch is the tightly intermingled layer of dead or living parts (roots, stolons, shoots, stems, leaf tissue, etc.) that develops between the green vegetation and the soil surface. This layer has a direct impact on firmness and the ability of water to penetrate the ground. There are many different types of tasks in maintaining proper levels of thatch.

Core aeration is most integral and traditional cultural practice for thatch management. A less invasive form of management is verti-cutting – using vertical blades to slice the ground with intent of removing organic matter.


Last week, we began the process of removing the sub-surface thatch by using a machine called the Graden. From the picture above, you can see the amount of material removed. Afterwards, the area is blown and then sand is applied to fill in the grooves seen below.


This is several day process and labor intensive, usually involving four to five of our staff members. Below is Jorge Madrigal on the 14th tee.

Graden b

We plan to complete the tees early next week and then move onto the approaches.

Flora and Fauna: Saving a Few Lives

Earlier this season while prepping mulch beds, staff member Will Holland, came across a den of bunnies.

rsz_img_1403 retouched

After a few phone calls, we found Hillary Taylor of Delaware Wildlife Rehabilitators Association in Bear. Ms. Taylor continues to care for these bunnies and a plethora of other animals brought to her shelter. In a few weeks, the bunnies will be released back into the wild as required by the state, however, the shelter receives no assistance from the state.

6 Green Surround


The picture above is looking at six green from the third hole. On the back left of the green complex was an area that had been worn from cart traffic due to the slope of the bank.

6 during

Assistant Golf Course Superintendent Trainee, Luis Martinez (pictured above on left), spear-headed this project to lessen the slope for carts to traverse. The picture below depicts the completed work.