Chip Green


It has been almost 90 days since we sodded the Chipping Green Complex. We began this project in late March with our staff harvesting and readying the surface (pictured below) for McDonald & Sons, Inc., to renovate the area.  Construction began on April 7, 2015.


With a clean slate, McDonald & Sons staff members begin to stock pile top soil to be used as the final layer to the clay sub-base prior to sodding.


Eric McDonald (pictured below) was our Project Manager.


The greens mix, a combination of sand, soil and peat are added to green cavity. The green was built using USGA specifications and this mix sits atop a gravel layer. Below the gravel is a matrix of drainage pipes.


Although the turf looks well on top, it will take a lot of time for it to reach it’s full maturity. We will continue to apply topdressing sand throughout the remainder of this season and into next year. Below, staff member William Alvarez, spreads sand using a rotary spreader because the turf can not withstand heavy traffic from machinery.


With this new area, we ask to utilize the ground game (bump & run shots) to not create ball marks on the green, as well as:


We hope you enjoy your new addition to the Club and on behalf of our staff, we thank you for your patience.  The CHIP GREEN IS OPEN FOR PLAY!