PAGCS: Board of Directors


In September, the Philadelphia Association of Golf Course Superintendents (PAGCS) will celebrate it’s 90th Anniversary. The PAGCS is the 4th oldest golf course management association in the nation and the first official meeting convened at Whitemarsh Valley Country Club. The Association services about 350 members from all aspects of the industry, providing education, networking and support, camaraderie, benevolence, scholarships and more. 

2015 Board of Directors:

2015 BOD

Front Row:

Doug Rae, Treasurer – Applecross Country Club; Mark Rubbo, Secretary – Springford Country Club; Jon Urbanski, President – Bidermann GC; Rob Nolek, Vice-President – Cedarbrook Country Club; Derrick Wozniak, Communications – Radley Run Country Club

Back Row:

Joe Liebsch, CGCS, Membership – Brandywine Country Club; Rich Sweeney, CGCS, Golf Chair – Plant Food Company; Mike Janzer, Industry Liaison – Plant Food Company; Charlie Miller, CGCS, Education – The Springhaven Club; Jim Lynagh, Outreach & PR – Meadowlands Country Club; Brendan Byrne, Member Services – Llanerch Country Club; Matt Shaffer, Government Relations – Merion Golf Club; Christian Scheller, Assistant Superintendent Outreach – Old York Road Country Club

Practice Tee: Drainage

On January 27th of this year, we attempted to cut drain lines in the Practice Tee. Although the top 3 inches was thawed, the machine could not slice through the next 8 inches. The contractors returned on March 18th and were able to complete the installation.




The three pictures above were taken in January. The pictures below are from March. We sliced the tee in two directions. Each slit is 3/4″ wide and almost 11″ deep.


The picture above represents the first direction we cut. For enhanced drainage, the second direction was done at an opposite angle. By clicking on the video below, you will view the inner workings of the Blec Sandmaster.