Practice Range: Target Greens & Sustainability

Today we had hoped to continue with our spring aerification efforts, but the damp conditions and the possibility of more rain forced us to change our plans. Instead, our focus turned to changing out the mixed stand of turf (bentgrass, ryegrass and Poa annua) on the target greens to the same turf used on the Practice Tee, Latitude 36 Bermuda grass.


This change in turf types is another step for the Club towards environmental sustainability. Bermuda grass requires less water, fertilizer and pesticides in order to survive than the mix stand of turf that has been replaced on these greens.


Why is the Bermuda sod green and not yellow and dormant like the first target green pictured at the beginning of this blog post?

The sod has been over-seeded with annual ryegrass for some spring color.  The annual rye will die at some-point during the season and next winter these greens will be dormant just like the practice tee and first target green is now.


2015 Golf Course Grounds Intern Program

Early each fall season, we begin the task of assembling our team for the following year. We have utilized our Internship Program to staff a large component to our team year-in and year-out. This program has also enabled us to recruit Assistant Superintendents such as Mike Cocino, Second Assistant, our Intern in 2013.

The Program requires students to be enrolled in studies pursuing the golf course management industry and aspire to be Golf Course Superintendents.  Once our students have completed their internship at the Club, they have gained the experience necessary to move on as Assistant Superintendents. Not only do they receive training in regards to agronomics of the golf course, but our students are exposed to the financial end of the golf business, as well as, meeting with various consultants from the USGA and university professors throughout their stay with us.  In addition, our students will volunteer at various PGA and LPGA Tour events to gain valuable tournament exposure.

We are fortunate to have two students join our team this season.  Please welcome:

Luis Martinez

Luis Martinez

Luis is a two-year turf student from Penn State University (State College) and is from Hanover, Pennsylvania. He has worked at Green Spring Valley Hunt Club in Owings Mills, Maryland since 2011.  Luis will join our staff in early March.

Brandon McNally 2

Brandon McNally

Brandon is in his sophomore year at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.  He is from Louisville, Kentucky and has worked at Valhalla Golf Club since 2013.  Brandon will join our team in early May.

These two young men, coupled with our existing team, will make an outstanding year at the golf course!

Many thanks to our First Assistant and Internship Coordinator, Dave Smith (pictured below), for his hard work and help ascertaining Luis and Brandon.

Dave Smith