Putting Green Update

This morning, the Green Committee met with Darin Bevard, Director of Championship Agronomy for the USGA Green Section.  We viewed and talked about many areas of the course and in his view, the course looks like it is off to a great start to the summer season.  Rooting depth on our greens are strong and ready to make the long haul of heat and humidity that is bound to make it here in the short-term.

We visited the new putting green and look at surface and sub-surface.  Rooting is developing well, but the turf needs time to mature to withstand all traffic – be it maintenance or golfer stress.

Therefore, at least through July 1st, the new putting green will remain CLOSED.  At that time, we will re-evaluate conditions and make a determination on how much traffic the green can withstand.


The picture above and below are of the same area.  This is the walk-on/ off area near the cart path.  Below, you can see thinning turf from various types of traffic.


Below is a picture from the upper tier of the green.  This area has thinned as well from traffic.


Moving forward with the closure, we will remove all traffic from the surface.  Mowing, only when necessary, will take place.  The USGA has also recommended we continue to needle-tine the surface as we have in the past to promote the removal of the sod layer.  This cultural practice will take place every 10 – 14 days depending on the overall health of the green.

We apologize for this inconvenience but the decision to close now is for the long-term viability of the green.

Putting Green Update: A Word From Our Architect

Dear Members of the Vicmead Hunt Club and Bidermann Golf Course:

It is with great regret that I was unable to join you for the opening cocktail party. Bidermann is a very special place with great history and a wonderful golf tradition. This putting green was constructed with the support of its members, in a very similar way to how the golf course was first built.  

Dick Wilson created this wonderful gem on one of the most naturally beautiful pieces of property in the region. Anytime I am blessed to work at Bidermann, I try to respect what he did 50 years ago.

This putting green will be a fantastic asset to its members. Throughout the design, we replicated many different golf course putting scenarios while also having many users at one time. The upper portion closest to the property line is meant to be an area that allows for good practice of mechanics while using subtle contours like those found on number 6 and 13.  The back corner closest to the driving range utilizes a small ridge feeding off of a mound similar to many of the green perimeters found on the course.  The slope along the cart path near the ornamental grasses is meant to be the reverse of number 5.  The transition slope through the left center pays homage to similar transitions seen in 2, 4, 5, and 7, with the intention to not be as severe. The lower section is meant to replicate many of the hole locations found on the course where modest slopes challenge the player.

Overall, I am very excited about how this green turned out and I hope that you will enjoy it for many years to come. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you again and I look forward to many years of our continued relationship. Have a wonderful weekend and a great golfing summer.

Best regards, Andrew Green

Andrew Green

Bermuda Grass Practice Tee Update

There was no rhyme or reason to what we were seeing in the Bermuda from the last two seasons.  The turf was breaking dormancy in some areas, while other areas had no viable turf on the surface.  Sample plugs revealed dead tissue in the upper 2 inches, while rhizomes in the 3 – 5 inch medium were viable.  These deeper areas of living tissue would have eventually pushed green turf to the surface, but this may have taken weeks to occur.  The issue was clear, we needed to sod.

Practice Tee 2

 Last week on Monday, May 26th, our staff began to prepare the front half of the teeing surface sod.

Practice Tee 1

Above, our staff begins to remove the unwanted turf.

Practice Tee 3

Above in the foreground is Gaudencio (Lencho) Rodriguez floating the surface with our bunker rake.  Below, left to right, is Jon McMillan (Seasonal Employee), Tim Friel (First Assistant Superintendent), Dave Smith -back to camera- (Second Assistant Superintendent), Nick Buoni (Seasonal Employee) and Jose Rodriguez (Seasonal Employee) raking any loose material left behind by the bunker machine.

Practice Tee 4

On Tuesday morning (May 27th), Latitude 36 Bermuda Grass was delivered in large rolls pictured below.

Practice Tee 6

At first light, our staff began the slow and arduous process of installing the sod.

Practice Tee 5

With some rolls left over from the shipment, we removed and installed Bermuda grass on the first target green.


We will monitor the back-half of the practice tee and hope time will allow the existing Bermuda to pop through the over seeded ryegrass.  A decision will be made towards the end of the month if we will undergo the same process as the front-half of the tee.