Bermuda Grass Practice Tee Update

On April 19th we informed the Membership regarding the condition of the Practice Tee if it had survived the harsh winter weather of 2013/ ’14.  We initially thought if we did not see any progress on the surface, we would sod the tee this coming Monday.  Below is a picture of our “un-scientific” attempt to warm-up the teeing surface.  This resulted in no significant difference of growth between the window pane or black plastic bag.
Picture 262

The back-half of the teeing complex is doing fine with our ryegrass seeding and will be ready for use in the coming weeks.  We have also seen very encouraging signs of Bermuda grass growth as well with warmer night-time temperatures.


Above, Bermuda grass has broken dormancy on the left-hand edge of the teeing ground.  It appears that areas that remained drier during the winter months are greening-up quicker than areas that remained wet during the same time period.


The pictures above and below, although sporadic, show more growth of the Bermuda on the tee top.


What have we done and what are we going to do?

If you look closely in the picture above, we have applied a black organic fertilizer and solid-tined (aerified) the tee.  This was to promote more warmth to the surface, as well as, below the surface.  This was done Monday and the growth in the two pictures was present 24-48 hours after application and aerification.

We will also paint the tee this coming Monday to help promote as much warmth as possible.  We will continue to monitor our progress along with our USGA Agronomist, Darin Bevard, over the course of the next two weeks.  If we do not see significant changes, then we will sod out the front half of the tee in early June.

Course Update: The First of May

A lot of work has been taking place on the course since the snow melted in March.  The Club received favorable news from our insurance carrier regarding the tree damaged sustained from the February 5th ice storm that damaged nearly every white pine tree on the course.

4 Tee Area

Numerous trees were left standing like telephone poles.  The picture below is from the 3rd hole.

Picture 189a

The new putting construction commenced on March 27th and on April 14th, we sodded the green.

Picture 271

Above, First Assistant Tim Friel is rolling the green for the first time on April 17th using a mower for our tees.  We used a 50 pound fertilizer bag to add a bit of weight to the mower.

Picture 051

The following week, we used our traditional greens roller and then mowed it for the first time.  Below is Second Assistant Superintendent, Dave Smith.

Picture 050

In order to lower the height of cut over the next few weeks, we buried the green in topdressing sand.

Picture 054

While work on the course continues to take shape, we are also focusing on the Farmhouse and Locker Room areas as well.  We have removed the shrubbery that lined the front drive.

Picture 045

Below, we are beginning the process of preparing for sod.  Our Planting Committee will evaluate these areas over the course of this season for replanting next year.

Picture 058

On April 25th, McDonald and Sons began shaping the bunkers on the second hole.  The storm from yesterday will more than likely dash our hopes of finishing these bunkers, as well as, the bunker on the 9th hole in time for the Dick Wilson Derby Day Tournament.

Picture 059

Below is a picture take at approximately 5:30 PM yesterday afternoon.  Water has breached the banks of the pond on the first hole.

Picture 002

Below, water has engulfed the spring house on the first hole.

Picture 004

Below, water is just below the base of the electrical box that supplies power to the Farmhouse, Golf Shop and Locker Rooms, as well as, the irrigation system for holes 1, 17, 18, Old 17, Chip, Old and New Putting Greens and Practice Range.

Picture 005

Below water is flowing down from the 17th and 18th holes to the teeing area of 17. 

Picture 008

Below is a picture from Adams Dam Road looking towards the first fairway.  The water on the fairway is about 40 yards wide.

Picture 007

The video below depicts the force of water flowing at the spillway below the pond on the first hole.