Greens Drainage

What a difference a week makes!  Snow on St. Patty’s Day, then temps approaching 60 for the coming weekend. 

March 18 seven AM

Beginning at 7 AM this past Tuesday, our staff began the process of removing snow to prep the greens for drainage installation. 

March 18 seven AM b

Click on the video below:


By 1 PM, the contractor was on site to begin work on #2 Green.

March 18 one PM

Drain lines have been cut into the green.  They will be back-filled with 2″ perforated pipe, sand and smoothed out.

Picture 097

Below, the sod has been replaced on 16 green.

Picture 098

#2 and 16 greens were completed on Wednesday and the contractor added more drainage on greens, 4, 6 and 11 Thursday.  It is the Green Committee’s intent to continue with this process each spring until all the push-up greens have internal drains.