Fall Fairway Aerification & Tree Pruning

Although the weather has hampered our aerification efforts this week, our staff was very productive completing a majority of the fairways on Monday and Tuesday.  We will finish holes 6, 7, 8 & 9 this coming Monday, November 4th.

Picture 916b

Before we aerify any of our playing surfaces, we will mow the turf prior to punching as we generally experience some lag time to our next mowing.  This is normal as we allow the ground to rest a few days after the coring process.  Above, Gaudencio Rodriguez (Foreman) is punching the 10th hole on the right, as Dave Smith (2nd Assistant Superintendent) is mowing on the left.

Picture 915

The pictured above depicts our coring pattern on our fairways.  We set our speed to punch at a 3″x2″ spacing.

Picture 910

Our approaches healed-in well from the August Aerification.  With this, we decided to punch and verti-cut the approaches.  This and subsequent aerifications/ verti-cuttings will help to promote firm ground conditions that will allow you to play the bump & run shot.  Above, staff member Nick Buoni, is punching away at #10.  Pictured below are the spoils.

Picture 911

To remove more thatch, we set the aerifier on a 2″x2″ pattern.  We then followed-in using a slicing verti-cut machine call the Graden, pictured below with staff member, Hector Bonilla, at the the controls.  Zolio Valverde is to his rear beginning to blow the 13th approach.

Picture 920

While we were at work on the fairways, we had the fortunate opportunity to conduct some needed pruning of the trees.  The tree company worked mainly on areas around the Clubhouse and Farmhouse.

Arader Tree 3