Weymouth Cup 2013

Leading up to the weekend tournament, we had topdressed the greens and began rolling the fairways for firmness.  Pictured below is staff member, William Alvarez, pulling the drum roller across hole #2.

 Picture 867

Our day would start early to ensure all areas were ready for play at 9:30 AM.  Our staff began mowing greens at 5:45 AM with the use of lights from our utility vehicles.

Picture 953

Pictured below (left to right) are Brandon Wolfe, mowing #11; John Luedke and Raynor Paulsen setting the hole location for play.

Picture 938a

As is the case with June’s H.F. du Pont Memorial Tournament, our staff works a split-shift on Saturday afternoon to conduct tasks not accomplished in the morning such as rolling approaches.  Below on #3 is A.I.T. Travis Patterson.

Picture 943

Pictured below are Nick Buoni and William Alvarez mowing the 18th fairway.

Picture 931

We also mowed tees and here on the first hole is Anibal Mendez.

Picture 933

We also mowed the approaches to the greens, intermediate roughs around the fairways and greens.  In addition, we had the time to dust ball marks on a majority of the greens with turf student, Raynor Paulsen, and staff member, Natalie Nasatka.

Picture 951

Lastly, here is the sunrise from Saturday morning, coming up and hitting the barn behind 2 green.

 Picture 942