Play for P.I.N.K.

On behalf of our staff, we hope all of today’s participants enjoyed the course set-up for Battle of the Sexes!

Play for PINK 2013

We would like to recognize Al and Gretchen Mayne of A Lasting Impression.  The Mayne’s have been our uniform supplier for the last nine years and donated our staff pink shirts for today towards this worthy cause.

First Hole Project

Too much wet weather + heat & humidity = DEAD TURF

First Hole Storm Run Off

Above, is the first hole, after a deluge of rain (2.1″) on July 7th.  The next day we entered the biggest heat wave of the season: 8 straight days of high temps (90+) and humidity.  Anywhere that water sat during this time period, the turf collasped and died.  Below is a picture from early August of the landing area on #1.

1 Fairway August 15

During aerification week (August 12 to 16), we did attempt to seed the affected areas on the first hole.  Below is First Assistant Tim Friel punching the blighted areas for seed.

Picture 860

Picture 863

Above is Intern, Mike Cocino (Penn State University), drop-seeding #1.  After a few days, we did have seedlings starting to fill-in (straigh lines of new grass near the CB radio) the affected areas as the next photo illustrates.

Picture 897 

Even though we were progressing with seedlings, subsequent rain storms affected areas near the pond.  The decision was made to sod the affected areas.

Our staff began to prep the first fairway last week.  We shot grades to allow for better surface drainage.  We also did remove some obstacles that slowed rain water getting to the pond.  One obstacle was a mound on the left-hand rough.  Below is Tim Friel standing behind the mound. (you can not see his feet!)Picture 895

We used a track-mounted skid steer to remove the mound.

Picture 903

Below shows the mound removed and the area leveled to allow water to flow to the pond.

Picture 908

This project entailed 3.5 days of prep work for our staff.  Travis Patterson, Assistant-in-Training, was given the responsibility of managing this task from beginning to end.  Below are the contractors from this morning insalling the sod.  All sod was laid prior to our 108-person shotgun at 12:30.

East Coast Crewb